World Cup Soccer

Take your team all the way through the world cup stages and lift the trophy for your home country. Use ARROW KEYS to RUN. Z to PASS or change player and X to SHOOT.

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beetofordiamonds5 (3 January 2015):
stupid game  Sad
Scoreitup4mu (21 April 2014):
I am an expert
Suarez900 (30 January 2014):
I won 40-0 and scored 100 goals out of all games
smashdragold0515 (26 January 2014):
I scored 20 goals aganist spain and i was portuagal
Dr.Dre (19 January 2014):
too easy  Wave  Wink
PromoTPSPro (20 April 2013):
it lags to much  Sad
wunpini (31 March 2013):
i won 35-0 against Croatia Clap hands  Happy  Wave
Darrenman55 (17 March 2013):
It's good but rubbish you cant name your opponents   Happy  Hmm...
emerson223 (31 December 2012):
one time make I was about  100 scroed 100
in all but i made 99
  Happy  Sad  Clap hands
everton 523 (28 December 2012):
best game ever i won with argentina Clap hands  @  Hmm...
solostah (8 December 2012):
i won the final as spain against nerherlands the score was
great game Cool
PROCOD (1 December 2012):
LOL, beat this Argentina 17-0 Mexico OWNAGE
ImPoSsIBLeMI$$IOn (26 November 2012):
very nice game  Happy  Wink
ninosnitsakis (14 October 2012):
very very nice game
liverpool 123 (29 August 2012):
i scord 88  Cool
yousaf8 (17 August 2012):
i scored 77 you can't beat that ha
messibarcelona10 (23 July 2012):
this is easy i was spain and thrahed italy 15-0 Wave  Happy
fkund (12 July 2012):
FitFooter (10 June 2012):
i beat my opponet 21 nil ha try and beat that peeeps
hello2 (1 June 2012):
like it it is MINT England 12-1 Italy
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