Champion's Field

Another cool soccer game which will keep you pleasantly occupied for hours. Too bad this game is in Japanese as the previous one. To move your player just click on the destination point. Double click to shoot and keep the left button pressed for a long pass.

Rating: 4.05 (1248 votes) 4.05 out of 5
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longboy2x (21 January 2014):
good game Clap hands  Happy  Cool
malick09 (18 January 2014):
good game Clap hands
Darrenman55 (31 March 2013):
Good game but dont no how to change the game mode or team and how 2 make subs p.s norrismark the only team u can be is japan and the only opponent is south korea
Diamond Jubilee (24 March 2013):
Live Champions Field 2013 Final
Diamond Jubilee (24 February 2013):
Nice Game
Diamond Jubilee (24 February 2013):
Good Game Happy
Diamond Jubilee (12 January 2013):
Easy And Cool Happy  Cool
Diamond Jubilee (10 January 2013):
Hey Guys Do You Like This Game
Diamond Jubilee (6 January 2013):
This The Coolest Game I Have Ever Played
sophiabriones (5 January 2013):
IT"s so cool!!!
Diamond Jubilee (4 January 2013):
5-0 Best Goal Ever
Diamond Jubilee (30 December 2012):
Live Champions Field
Diamond Jubilee (13 December 2012):
Cool And Easy  Happy  Cool
ChelseaLampard6 (26 October 2012):
V1gan everyone in this game can score volleys it's easy Wave
norrismark (12 September 2012):
win.. my team is japan vs south korea

   JAPAN- 2
   S.KOREA- 1 Clap hands
V1gan (30 August 2012):
i score voley goal hahhaha  Clap hands
ChelseaLampard6 (28 August 2012):
easy and how do you change teams and players to come on the bench Cool  Hmm...
bartley (4 July 2012):
it is sooo easy to score a goal it's chines
deris11 (15 June 2012):
89 - 0
george114 (10 June 2012):
its hard to read but its a good game  Cool
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