Baggio's Magical Kicks

Do you remember Roberto Baggio, one of the best Italian players? By clicking the mouse 3 times in succession you can adjust the height, direction and swerve of the ball respectively, and on the third click Roby will strike the ball goalward. Very simple but yet addictive game.

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pele76 (18 October 2014):
lol too bad he missed a penaly to win the world cup in 1994
ukluke (8 October 2014):
80 goals, 32 posts and 20 cups Cool
jayjed (4 October 2014):
ive got to levle 10 Cool  Cool  Cool
ukluke (4 October 2014):
Great game love it. Clap hands
SUAREZ950 (3 October 2014):
67 goals 13 cups 15 cups
normlfc (3 October 2014):
Great game, dont see why people lie about their scores Hmm...
ghost2003 (2 October 2014):
I love this game it is so wonderful Cool  Wave
neymarjr520 (30 September 2014):
Best game ever 950 goals 16 posts 129 cups
CR7ismybro (27 September 2014):
i love this game @  Happy
Siddharth Gera (25 September 2014):
what was that ? Hmm...  Hmm...
its just cg (30 August 2014):
great game this is  Clap hands
SUAREZ950 (25 August 2014):
34 goals 9 cups and 4 posts
ScottBlackmon11 (21 August 2014):
Reece ppl (19 August 2014):
lovely goal
Reece ppl (19 August 2014):
cant score penalties
Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
SomeRandomSMURFF (19 August 2014):
23 goals 12 posts 5 cups i could've done more but i stopped i got bored Wave  Clap hands  Cool  Happy  Wink
SomeRandomSMURFF (19 August 2014):
liars Wave
Ryan2013xx (18 August 2014):
zaibkaka (18 August 2014):
oh i knew this is a good game in the world Wave
pele34 (16 August 2014):
GREAT GAME Happy  Clap hands
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