Baggio's Magical Kicks

Do you remember Roberto Baggio, one of the best Italian players? By clicking the mouse 3 times in succession you can adjust the height, direction and swerve of the ball respectively, and on the third click Roby will strike the ball goalward. Very simple but yet addictive game.

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Adamstar (9 May 2015):
It is in the middle Cool
abubakary (2 May 2015):
i like this game
Fulvio (30 April 2015):
16 goals 8 posts 4 cups !!! Wonderful
Fulvio (29 April 2015):
16 goals 11 posts 4 cups !!! Fantastic
Aus04 (7 March 2015):
The goalkeeper always no's where you shoot in the penalties???  Hmm...  Sad but other than that excellent game Happy  Wink  Wave
furkan (19 February 2015):
not a bad game
normlfc (18 February 2015):
Well said steakdog Clap hands
steakdog (17 February 2015):
everyone shows off about how good they are even though its made up, I got 1000 goals and 69 cups Happy
SparkboySwagger (11 February 2015):
13 goals 2 posts 3 cups in just 5 minutes!!!
OlaOla (2 February 2015):
Its a good game but if you miss Baggio comes and says nothing   Wave  Wave
Yaffakakez (31 January 2015):
i missed a penalty
Yaffakakez (29 January 2015):
best game ever Happy
rizwan.parambil1234 (29 January 2015):
good Happy
Man city rocks 123 (24 January 2015):
best game
BIG GUY (23 January 2015):
BIG GUY (23 January 2015):
BIG GUY (20 January 2015):
it's alright Happy  Hmm...
larryistheman (18 January 2015):
hahahahaha youll get use to it @BIG GUY
BIG GUY (17 January 2015):
I can even beat the first level
tommytommytutu (14 January 2015):
sick game  Happy
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