Mini Soccer

Robots take on human beings in this match of Mini Soccer. Use the directional arrows to navigate your way around the pitch. Click "Z" to pass and "X" to launch a shot on goal. The boundary lines are actually walls, so you can bounce a pass over to your teammate. Being ahead after two one-minute halves is all it takes to carry your club to the next level where your opponent's skills will have improved. Make full-pitch sprints like Gareth Bale and angle the ball into the corner of the net. Mini Soccer is a game that can be enjoyed all day.

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MINI SOCCER - Comments:
football/soccer (14 January 2015):
O.M.G it's awsome
I_Like_Bacon (11 May 2013):
I have beaten this game! :D it is great and try to beat my record 19-0 beat that!
messi2004 (23 April 2013):
how do you even kick of! Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
fergus10 (8 April 2013):
First game Me 3-1 Them
Second game Me 0-0 Them
Third game Me 0-0 Them
Fourth game Me 0-1 Them 3860 points
ronaldo07 (10 March 2013):
i won the fist 2 level then level3 i lost 1-3 Clap hands
boofudge123 (8 December 2012):
Hi ewanpenalty! Wave
warriostin51560 (24 July 2012):
I love this game
angelch (24 June 2012):
cool game Happy
Ewanpenalty (3 June 2012):
Amazing game! Hi Boofudge123!
boofudge123 (31 May 2012):
i like this game i hate b team though...  Wave  Happy  Happy
boofudge123 (13 May 2012):
I love this game it's cool.  Happy  Wave  Clap hands
boofudge123 (10 May 2012):
it's REALY cool love it Wave
boofudge123 (10 May 2012):
awsome game!  Wave  Wave
gangster56 (30 December 2011):
wicked game Clap hands
Messi1010 (24 November 2011):
nice game Happy  (^^^)
chechirito (13 April 2011):
rosiekelleher (31 March 2011):
i love this game
Fernando Torres 444 (30 March 2011):
awosome game. Clap hands
rubuger (14 March 2011):
rubuger (14 March 2011):
ok Happy
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