Crossing Cup

Interesting Soccer corner-kick game with two modes of play, the offense and the the deffence mode.

Rating: 4.03 (4847 votes) 4.03 out of 5
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CROSSING CUP - Comments:
loui17 (1 July 2016):
lvely game
Fisnik (8 June 2016):
das is gut
GoGunners2003 (15 August 2015):
Cool  Cool epic
Cescfabregas (11 January 2015):
ok but a bit hard Hmm...  Sad
victor valdes 112 (10 January 2015):
don't mess with me  Wink
EvertonRocks123 (11 October 2014):
im sooooo terrible at this game but i lovez it soooo much Happy  @
kevinkev (19 April 2014):
i win in the final Happy  Happy
kevinkev (19 April 2014):
nice game
hope has new game like this Cool  Cool
CokeBoyMed (15 April 2014):
Got to the final but lost with Germany against Peru
epicboy451 (5 April 2014):
won three times with Brazil epic Cool  Wave
remaceni (11 March 2014):
i won again peru is the best in this game .its won to all the country
remaceni (11 March 2014):
i won peru 3-2 uruguay
remaceni (6 March 2014):
i won peru 3-2 israel
shifoniko (26 February 2014):
cool game Cool
lambo33 (22 February 2014):
WOW this game is good. I played as the cinderella team Jamaica with a 1-1-1 record, made it to the finals and pulled a upset win over spain in the last shot/last fixture. final score Jamaica 1 Spain 0. We're #1 baby Happy  Happy  Happy
Wik02 (10 February 2014):
nice game Wave
remaceni (3 February 2014):
i won 3-2 peru vs germany Happy
HassanAliTerror (31 January 2014):
Messi don't mess with me  Wave  Wave
kesi2002 (27 January 2014):
Cool 3 wins in a row
michaeljohnson81 (25 January 2014):
Torres scores 3 bicycle kicks help Spain wins in the final against Germany Happy
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