Crossing Cup

How well can you perform in the penalty box in Crossing Cup? Whether you're defending your own goal or attacking your opponent's, playing the balls coming in from corner kicks is always a dangerous matter. Can you finish a cross from Nigeria's John Obi Mikel? The spacebar and directional arrows control your kicks, your player in the box, and your keeper when you are on defence. Time your kick with the spacebar just right to put the ball out of the opposing keeper's reach. Like all corner kicks, this game can be quite unpredictable!

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CROSSING CUP - Comments:
dfrog88 (29 October 2016):
Rubbish graphics but AMAZING gameplay!  Happy  Clap hands
loui17 (1 July 2016):
lvely game
Fisnik (8 June 2016):
das is gut
GoGunners2003 (15 August 2015):
Cool  Cool epic
Cescfabregas (11 January 2015):
ok but a bit hard Hmm...  Sad
victor valdes 112 (10 January 2015):
don't mess with me  Wink
EvertonRocks123 (11 October 2014):
im sooooo terrible at this game but i lovez it soooo much Happy  @
kevinkev (19 April 2014):
i win in the final Happy  Happy
kevinkev (19 April 2014):
nice game
hope has new game like this Cool  Cool
CokeBoyMed (15 April 2014):
Got to the final but lost with Germany against Peru
epicboy451 (5 April 2014):
won three times with Brazil epic Cool  Wave
remaceni (11 March 2014):
i won again peru is the best in this game .its won to all the country
remaceni (11 March 2014):
i won peru 3-2 uruguay
remaceni (6 March 2014):
i won peru 3-2 israel
shifoniko (26 February 2014):
cool game Cool
lambo33 (22 February 2014):
WOW this game is good. I played as the cinderella team Jamaica with a 1-1-1 record, made it to the finals and pulled a upset win over spain in the last shot/last fixture. final score Jamaica 1 Spain 0. We're #1 baby Happy  Happy  Happy
Wik02 (10 February 2014):
nice game Wave
remaceni (3 February 2014):
i won 3-2 peru vs germany Happy
HassanAliTerror (31 January 2014):
Messi don't mess with me  Wave  Wave
kesi2002 (27 January 2014):
Cool 3 wins in a row
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