Kick OFF

In Kick OFF, you'll play both striker and goalkeeper in a penalty-kick style game. Move your mouse around to aim the crosshairs wherever you want to place your shot. Hold down the left mouse button to give your shot some strength. When you're ready, release the left mouse button. Too much power may sacrifice your accuracy. Racking up penalty kick goals like Thierry Henry is no big challenge, but saving your opponent's penalty shots is another story. When you're playing as the keeper, drag your cursor around the goal to try to stop the shots.

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KICK OFF - Comments:
MESSIRONALDO2014 (1 March 2014):
I lost in the first round
Andy1021 (20 May 2013):
Italy 6 - 5 Ecuador
Quarter Finals
Italy 5 - 4 Belgium
Semi Final
Italy 0 - 5 Germany
(Spain 5 - 3 Germany)

I made it to the Semi - Finals, not bad for a first time trying this game. Wave

I like this game and others should play, the baby CRAPS itself when you are going to shoot and the baby also cries ehrn you smack the ball of his balls.  Happy

This game is magnificent. I could play it all day if I wanted to.

Then I tried again with Spain this is the scores
Spain 5 - 1 South Africa
Quarter Final
Spain 5 - 3 Senegal
Semi Final
Spain 7 - 6 Brazil
Spain 5 - 4 Germany

I won on my second try  Happy

When you get used of this game it actually begins to get easier for you to win the World Cup.

I hate it when you full pelt it and somehow they manage to save your shot Hmm...

So everyone should play this game is it is BEAST!  Happy  Wink  Cool
philasande (11 May 2013):
this is the worst game ever do not play it Clap hands  Sad
luke206 (28 January 2013):
I was France
Round 1 France2-3Senagal
Hard Game  Hmm...
littlealex8 (15 January 2013):
Hardest bit was that Wierd pink alien
!! Happy
Nolan12 (1 January 2013):
Won with Spain amazing game Wave
ellemae8 (6 December 2012):
i love it @  @
chri sanchez (28 November 2012):
I won
emerson223 (26 September 2012):
this is cool Wave  Wink
bigbaby709 (23 September 2012):
regh e rjtnbgjrhrtios bah i lost in the quater finals bah! =-)
need more practice and if you fo into the finals i will try and beat you =-l
trololol (24 August 2012):
nice game
Clap hands
bigbaby709 (12 July 2012):
i need more practice i
Hmm...  Sad
bigbaby709 (12 July 2012):
best game ever Clap hands
ADAM23K (11 July 2012):
how to play Wave
mikeyschwartz123 (28 June 2012):
i lost to the alien 5-1
it was insane!!! Clap hands  Happy
ahmadSANEH (25 June 2012):
won this game like a million time Happy  Clap hands
HUNGabor (25 June 2012):
cool game  Cool
angelch (19 June 2012):
cool game Happy
real madrid 1111 (13 June 2012):
how to beat the crazy alien ?? Hmm...  Hmm...
Ewanpenalty (3 June 2012):
Rubbish game!  Sad
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