Nordic Chill

There are 3 different competition games. You need to pass the Nordic skiing, ski jumping and curling to finish with the most points in your total score. For Nordic skiing you need to press the left mouse button to start with the skiing, use the mouse to stay on the ski tracks for the best speed of skiing, use the mouse to shoot the targets at 1000m and you have to do that twice, be accurate in shooting to escape the penalty points and seconds. For ski Jumping use the mouse to balance your ski jumper and get the longest jump, you have 3 jumps. For curling also use the mouse to set the player on the wanted position, and then click on the “Rock” to set the direction of the rock. Like in the regular curling game you have 5 stones. Be the best Nordic Chill player :)

Rating: 3.92 (220 votes) 3.92 out of 5
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NORDIC CHILL - Comments:
cj07aguiran (12 February 2014):
ilove this game  Clap hands

craig (19 December 2012):
this game stinks  Sad
namal (9 December 2012):
my 7545
Fenerbahce1907 (5 December 2012):
i hate this game   Sad  Sad
go (23 July 2012):
its OK i guest  Hmm...
Mealman (7 July 2012):
njah 7 of 10 Wink
Davan10 (7 July 2012):
let me think Hmm...
bobbyjose1234 (26 May 2012):
the coolest Wave
jeaden (26 May 2012):
what a beautiful game
marshall (11 May 2012):
good at shooting Clap hands
lisi (11 February 2012):
good  Happy
DanielHovo (24 January 2012):
I like this game
kireon 2000 (11 May 2011):
nice man@
dino123 (8 January 2011):
no rubish Sad
terrypettway2 (2 December 2010):
tazzila (30 October 2010):
yer it pretty kwl FOR NOW Hmm...
adam ronaldo (10 October 2010):
not bad of a game Hmm...
jenson (19 September 2010):
dont like it Sad
terrelle (4 September 2010):
hey man
foobal (16 June 2010):
took not long time load  Happy
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