Long Jump

Another Athletic game. In this game you need to make the longest jump you can. You have to choose one of the four competitors then use the left and right arrow keys to accelerate and use the spacebar to complete the jump. Press spacebar before you pass the white line or the jump will be qualified like FAIL, and the bear will hit you to make the jump again.

Rating: 3.76 (247 votes) 3.76 out of 5
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LONG JUMP - Comments:
sayedsunassee (3 May 2014):
so cool
franki9915513 man utd (10 April 2013):
is it good
lilladator123 (21 September 2012):
its that best
hk1342 (8 August 2012):
I break the olympic record!
BULLDOGS (31 May 2012):
the best games ever Hmm...  Cool  Wink
hannah74 (23 December 2011):
12.90 Clap hands
dindin (30 November 2011):
i got 12.2
kieron the captain (26 November 2011):
hard game Sad
craig byrne (24 November 2011):
got 9.05 Happy  Cool  Wave
locolorco (19 November 2011):
i got 6.58 Hmm...  Clap hands
Anti Indonesial (5 June 2011):
I got 9.1M
saikrishna (2 April 2011):
i got 8.79
TEVEZFAN1 (13 January 2011):
i got 7.69
goku214 (27 November 2010):
beat that Happy  Happy
rockin (15 November 2010):
LAME GAME HATE IT!!!! Sad  Hmm...
ronaldo503 (21 October 2010):
kind of boring  Hmm...
prakrit (10 September 2010):
nice Wink  Happy
prakrit (1 September 2010):
7.59m Cool
HelloKitty889 (20 July 2010):
hate it! Hmm...
HelloKitty889 (20 July 2010):
this game was so hard! i  don't like it! Hmm...
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