King Ping Pong

Eleven pointís game against the computer. Try to beat the fast computer player in this Ping Pong game. Very simple to play, all you have to do is bringing back the ball to the computer section of the Ping Pong table. Use the mouse to control your ping pong racket and hitting the ball. Good luck.

Rating: 3.48 (377 votes) 3.48 out of 5
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KING PING PONG - Comments:
alex calabrese 2 (19 April 2014):
Sad way too hard
Jake202 (17 March 2014):
lost 11-0 Sad
meshan (19 February 2014):
it's very easy won 11-4
egg8874 (8 February 2014):
i won 2-1
olly8 (11 March 2013):
messi69 (11 February 2013):
sickest game ever Happy  Cool  Wave
cammyo236 (6 February 2013):
this game sick  Happy  Clap hands
Boris Busta Banda (19 January 2013):
Boris Busta Banda (6 January 2013):
Yes 11 poits Happy  Clap hands
Boris Busta Banda (6 January 2013):
no my reccord a 10 pinst
Boris Busta Banda (5 January 2013):
I love a game my favourite game  Happy  Clap hands
Boris Busta Banda (5 January 2013):
no my score 9
Boris Busta Banda (5 January 2013):
my record 7 pons very ....
Boris Busta Banda (4 January 2013):
very good games Happy
chelsea2032 (29 December 2012):
i lost 11-1 this is a hard game
r.dude.r (21 December 2012):
this game is LAME
C.ronadol (4 December 2012):
11- 5 beat it oh yea Cool  Wave  Clap hands
lolipop911 (26 November 2012):
lost 2to11
Sad not sure this is a ok game? Hmm...
Jay1234 (3 November 2012):
nice game not bad   Cool
boysoccer (24 October 2012):
how can this have 307 voets  it is hard
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