Javelin Throw

Great Athletic game. You need to throw the spear as far as you can to get the trophy. You have 4 choices of Athletic competitors; choose carefully because all 4 of them have different skills. To do a successful throwing use the left and right arrow keys to accelerate and use the spacebar to release the spear. But be careful to throw the spear on time before you pass the white line. Good luck.

Rating: 3.63 (142 votes) 3.63 out of 5
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sports4life (23 July 2015):
I got the best now 105.99 Wave
adaskarol (21 July 2015):
beat this 10000000.6
LEE HOPPS (23 April 2013):
Jacob Hitchen (14 June 2012):
beat 110.00
CR7LM10 (15 January 2012):
100m Cool beat that
hannah74 (25 December 2011):
100 meters Cool
jake_17 (24 December 2011):
i seemed to hit a bird twice  Hmm...
locolorco (18 November 2011):
i got 55.58 Hmm...
ifwad234 (1 June 2011):
never say never
Adeep arsenal singh (23 April 2011):
45.1 the best
kewi_runner (28 March 2011):
a dont ken how tae run it wont let me  Hmm... but its good nayway xxxx Happy  Clap hands
tyler99 (20 January 2011):
i lik it Happy
fraser1999 (23 November 2010):
good game
jimmy123456789 (22 September 2010):
100.47 Cool :P Clap hands
prakrit (10 September 2010):
89.96m Cool  Cool  Cool  Wave
prakrit (10 September 2010):
cool Cool
Haroon66112 (12 July 2010):
I have got world record 100.67, beat that sahibs!!!
Jack.Foerste (21 June 2010):
dont work
thomasta (6 May 2010):
D10N1$ (26 April 2010):
i got 96.16
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