Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is the sequel of the famous Basketball Legends, and it's one of the best basketball games ever! Play as Lebron James or Derrick Williams, one of the greatest basketball legends, and have a one on one, or two on two games on the basketball court. See if you can slam-dunk, score a three-pointer, or show other impressive basketball skills while playing on a tournament or a quick match. If you ever wondered what's it like to play as an offensive or a defensive player, now is the time to get ready and experience both roles in this fantastic sports game. Prepare yourself to have an awesome time playing Basketball Stars, but most of all, HAVE FUN.

Player One:
WASD - Move
B - Shoot/Perform action
S - Pump
V - Super-shot
D twice - Dash

Player Two:
Arrow keys - Move
L - Shoot/Perform action
DOWN Arrow - Pump
K - Super-shot
LEFT Arrow twice - Dash

Rating: 3.87 (23 votes) 3.87 out of 5
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sjones2020 (25 January 2021):
i broke that score
I won 87-0
zorgointo (1 October 2020):
lol won 70-0 Clap hands
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