Puppet Football Fighters

Puppet Football Fighters is a fantastic unusual football game with big-headed puppets trying to beat the crap out of each other to win a match. Every football match is exciting, the playing is rough, and smashing or exploding a player's head is the only option for winning the game. Plan your kicks wisely, use the right amount of power to score a goal, and blow the opponent's head off. The more damage you take, the more your power bar builds up and will unleash a special attack that every football player has. As you climb your way up through matches, upgrade your characters, collect or unlock new quirky players with other special abilities, and better stats. Puppet football fighters provide a game with no boundaries, fouls or penalties just hours of fun gaming. Let's see how good you are at blasting football players and bringing your team closer to the top! GLHF

Rating: 3.65 (17 votes) 3.65 out of 5
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