501 Darts

Darts is one of the oldest games in the world, and it's very popular in Europe. If you want to try how good you are in Darts try this game. The goal is to complete 501 score and bring it to 0 points with fewer darts as you can. Try to hit the triple fields for more points. This is a game where you use the mouse to play, simply drag your mouse backward and push it up forward, click on the left mouse button to throw the darts.

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501 DARTS - Comments:
Tin Ribs United (31 December 2014):
Winner567 its impossible to get a four darter so please watch a few matches on TV and learn the rules!!
Akhamis (6 August 2014):
@  i dont understand
joesargent (29 May 2014):
9 Darter!!!
Winner567 (28 May 2013):
bob the lemon3552 (29 April 2013):
its cool Cool  Cool
footyfan123 (9 April 2013):
lol good game Wave  Happy
alexgguz123 (8 April 2013):
i love this game :D Happy :P :D
stevey66 (20 March 2013):
took me 78 trys :3  Happy  Happy
ukluke (14 March 2013):
closed in 57 throws Clap hands
robin 20 (24 February 2013):
I now how to play the game THANK YOU Jake W. YOU ARE AWSOME.
zombigo77 (16 February 2013):
i done all 350 throws easy
Onur T. (6 February 2013):
i closed 96 throws barely  Happy
Onur T. (6 February 2013):
you must push upwards the mouse, it hits the board  Wink
hannah3477 (2 February 2013):
i hate this game Happy
umohekemini706 (2 December 2012):
my best is 3 Happy ha fabian14 in
iBol1Ty (30 November 2012):
done with 15 throws
rossi111 (30 November 2012):
not my game Hmm...
hollyg13 (5 November 2012):
i love this game Happy
fabian14 (4 November 2012):
9 darts beat that guys
JakeW (1 October 2012):
You slide it up Happy  Cool
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