One More Pass

If you pride yourself as an assist-maker like Philippe Coutinho, maybe you should try your luck at One More Pass, where the aim of the game is to set up goals and drive your opponents to despair. The Minecraft-like players must advance the ball up the pitch and score. The up arrow controls ground passes, and the spacebar makes a lob pass. Left and right arrows control directional movements of players. Don't take too long with the ball, as defenders will come from behind to make tackles faster than you can shout, "Pass!"

Rating: 3.96 (24 votes) 3.96 out of 5
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ONE MORE PASS - Comments:
EllisEGT8 (15 March 2020):
great game Clap hands  Clap hands  Happy
4712168315 (12 August 2019):
challenging game
sadio101 (12 June 2019):
good game  Happy  Cool  Wave
tmanjop (12 February 2019):
its do good my best is 1000 are get it??? Cool  Cool
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