Bola Football

If you're looking for a full-pitch footballing extravaganza, Bola Football is the game for you. You can progress through this ESPN Arcade gaming experience as you complete challenges and unlock new ones. Press A to shoot or slide tackle and S to pass or pressure the ball. The spacebar changes players, and the arrow keys move him around the pitch. Every achievement from frequent ball possession to scoring with defenders will earn you a higher score and bring you closer to unlocking new challenges, so go ahead and bring the likes of Patrice Evra out of the backfield and have a crack at goal!

Rating: 3.75 (44 votes) 3.75 out of 5
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sadio101 (5 October 2019):
i keep this on my site Cool  Clap hands  @
lfcmac (3 September 2019):
takes soooooooo long to load yo
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