Everbody's Golf

This is a great golf game with good challenge for all golf players. You need to finish the holes with fewer strokes, so be very accurate with shoots. To take a good shot just click and hold the left mouse button and drag it to the direction you want to send the ball, after setting your trajectory and power of the shoot release the left mouse button and the shot is taken. Try to stay on the green field and miss the send and water places. Your score is good if you finish with (minus) strokes per hole.

Rating: 3.74 (287 votes) 3.74 out of 5
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chazzaboss2000x (28 July 2016):
great game Wave
nicole4684 (4 July 2012):
It is amasing Clap hands  Wave  Cool
YOUSSEFEMAM (12 February 2011):
this is a cool game!!    
v.rajdeep (6 January 2011):
GOOD!  Happy
neeru.raj93 (15 December 2010):
tooo easy Cool
jay lee 2 (4 December 2010):
hole 8 hard! Sad  Sad
Goggy02 (19 September 2010):
Good game but quite hard on hole 3 Cool  Happy
funny35 (7 September 2010):
2 easy
xhero456 (3 September 2010):
so easy i could do it when i sleep Wink  Wave
usasoccer (20 July 2010):
its really easy i shot -8
hhatheway (8 July 2010):
this is dumb Sad
Bartboy007 (20 June 2010):
addicting and amazing Cool
Watty10 (26 April 2010):
this game is class
manveer (17 April 2010):
it was bad
jay lee 2 (19 February 2010):
this is a cool game!! Clap hands  Wave
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