New Season Soccer Challenge

In New Season Soccer Challenge, Crapston Town has made it all the way to the top division, and you have the opportunity to get your team ready for match day. You've already signed Lionel Messi before opening the season, but there are plenty of other problems on your hands! Click around the gameplay screen to solve the problems that must be solved to properly prepare the lads for the pitch. This cartoon puzzle game is a hoot for anyone who enjoys fictional worlds of football drama. As the new assistant chairman, can you pull off the necessary tasks in a single day?

Rating: 3.67 (84 votes) 3.67 out of 5
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x (20 March 2017):
crap stone!!! Wave   Cool
Rafa14 (8 March 2017):
Messi is God.
beast567 (1 March 2017):
it's good Happy
x (28 February 2017):
moo Wink
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