Golf Master 3D

3D golf is a great 18-hole game with 18 different fields. Some of them are played in real tournaments. You need to finish all holes with fewer strokes as you can. Be careful of the direction of the wind and you need to get good power and direction of the shoot. To do that simply click on the arrows on the screen for left and right direction, then click on the left mouse button to get the power of the shoot and there you go. Choose your club for different distance, short, long, sand, middle….etc. Have fun playing this cool 3D golf game.

Rating: 3.24 (462 votes) 3.24 out of 5
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GOLF MASTER 3D - Comments:
Really Madrid (20 March 2014):
Bad game
xxBARNSLEYFCFOREVERxx (24 January 2014):
not the best game
divi123 (8 May 2013):
dumb as nothing cool  Hmm...  Sad  @
skrillex456 (16 April 2013):
dumb game ever
jonnythebeast177 (6 April 2013):
ur correct it is better golf game than most, but has the best golf golf ever is more realistic than anymore ps3 or xbox golf game so try it..
gameadrenaline (16 March 2013):
This is on of the better golf games around.
jonavon (22 February 2013):
Best score 13 just unlucky.
tashi (6 January 2013):
Cool game. My score is 12
iBol1Ty (30 November 2012):
my score is 35 :D
jean16 (6 November 2012):
this game is very cool!  Cool
ChelseaLampard6 (2 October 2012):
Boring it be more better if it had the names Sad  Hmm...
hamd (23 September 2012):
boring game Sad
imranfaisal (4 September 2012):
cool game. superb.  Happy  Happy Clap hands
adityaphukan (23 August 2012):
bathsand (26 July 2012):
i got the ball outside the map Wave
c.ronaldo79 (17 July 2012):
its ok so keep up the awesome games Clap hands
walkmen (4 July 2012):
funny but cool Clap hands
eden Hazard11 (12 June 2012):
hate it Sad  Wave
lillis (4 June 2012):
Clap hands  i like golf
footie09 (2 June 2012):
best score is 50!!
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