Football Champions Cup

Using Diego da Silva Costa or one of nine other global superstars, you can master Football Champions Cup with nothing more than a mouse. Practice the timing and placement of your strikes by situating your cursor in the desired location and clicking the left mouse button. Although this game is easy to learn, it is not void of challenges as you progress through a tournament-style shooting gallery against some of the world's top offensive footballers. Don't forget to be mindful of the positioning of the defenders while you fire away from outside the 18 yard box!

Rating: 3.35 (496 votes) 3.35 out of 5
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SharkKillerGamerBoy (25 July 2020):
fantastic game Happy  Happy
Connorjblake (28 January 2017):
this is fantastic Clap hands  Clap hands
8rental (12 January 2017):
naveen (18 December 2016):
Gang game
yorfran (16 December 2016):
The game is incredible Cool  Cool  Cool
rockthefootball (13 December 2016):
I love this game!  Cool
sayap765 (7 December 2016):
i like cr
oliver7BAL (19 November 2016):
i won with MESSI Cool
diebishopdie (16 November 2016):
nice game Happy
Adamstar (11 November 2016):
nice Happy  Happy
FaNt TwiisT (5 November 2016):
Gking is bad but shooting is good
x (30 October 2016):
great Clap hands  Clap hands
mojtaba.eslami (30 October 2016):
awsome Happy
ramedzro (29 October 2016):
hard Hmm...
STINKYSOCK2016 (29 October 2016):
it didn't let me shoot Sad  Sad
messivaibhav (26 October 2016):
awesome game  Clap hands  Wave
luca (25 October 2016):
awesome Happy
foot (24 October 2016):
nice game Clap hands
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