The Champions 2016

The Champions 2016 is an end-to-end full pitch game for those gamers looking for intense footballing action. Control your own self-designed players with the arrow keys. X will pass and C will shoot, but don't fire one at the goal if the green circle around the ball-carrier is depleted. This is his fatigue indicator, which determines his speed and effectivity on the ball. Gameplay is relatively simple, but shots taken within a realistic distance of the goal are far more likely to go in. Instant replays can lag a bit, so click X if you're not in the mood to watch them.

Rating: 3.80 (347 votes) 3.80 out of 5
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THE CHAMPIONS 2016 - Comments:
SharkKillerGamerBoy (16 July 2020):
GREAT  Happy  Happy
4712168315 (22 July 2019):
pirates are imposible to win
Adamstar (28 April 2017):
epic  Happy  Happy
joe (24 April 2017):
epic game Cool  Cool  Clap hands
Ismile123 (20 March 2017):
Cool game  Clap hands
seansean (16 March 2017):
brilliant Happy  Happy  Happy  Clap hands

Adamstar (11 March 2017):
don`t like piarates but good game Clap hands  Clap hands
seansean (8 January 2017):
love it
enforcer2016 (28 December 2016):
okay!! Wink  Wink
enforcer2016 (25 December 2016):
good graphics and swag game Cool  Cool  Cool
enforcer2016 (25 December 2016):
very good game Wink  Wave  Clap hands
joe (23 December 2016):
beat the pirates  1 - 0 scored in the last few seconds
joe (23 December 2016):
it's a decent game . won 12 - 0 against Ghana Cool  Wave  Clap hands
joe (23 December 2016):
great game! only ever beat the pirates 1 time. the just cheats anyway. Cool
Lucario (16 December 2016):
great game.everyone should play Happy  Wave  Clap hands
guilherme27 (11 December 2016):
da hora man
SHASMIT (3 December 2016):
nice game Clap hands  Wave
Uwonnago (25 November 2016):
really good game Cool
batman84047 (11 November 2016):
best game ever  Wave  Happy  Clap hands
farhan (7 November 2016):
i like game Clap hands  Clap hands
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