Super Soccer Noggins

You may need the heading skills of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to succeed at Super Soccer Noggins. Use the up arrow to jump, the left and right arrow keys to move, and the spacebar to kick. The helicopter-like official will drop the ball into play, and you'll navigate slow motion physics to blast the ball beyond the opposition. Each match won will earn you more money, and you'll be able to improve the skills of your team over time. Be careful, as each new match brings new challenges during gameplay. Bring that cup home with your favorite international team in Super Soccer Noggins.

Rating: 3.85 (111 votes) 3.85 out of 5
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malvin (16 March 2019):
i have beat it Cool and i started over good  Clap hands  Clap hands
x (11 February 2017):
take it back epic Wave  Wave  Wave
Lucario (16 December 2016):
best game ever Wave  Clap hands
UsmanGriezmann7 (10 December 2016):
Football Boss (27 November 2016):
love it
x (26 November 2016):
POOR @  @
lazerbeam (8 November 2016):
awsome  Happy  Happy  Happy
ryry5 (5 November 2016):
So fun!!!
EpicGuy2007 (29 September 2016):
game is awesome
DrTrayBlox (26 September 2016):
amazing Happy
suhail 7 (27 August 2016):
i love it
RYANLH919 (22 August 2016):
so slow
AdfDf (20 August 2016):
This game is awful Sad
yezdainianbeast (20 August 2016):
fantasti Cool
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