Soccer Simulator-Idle Tournament

Soccer Simulator Idle Tournament is all about managing your career. Pro players like Jamie Vardy have worked their way from factory jobs to the top leagues in the world. With the use of your mouse in this game, you can do the same. Start your career by clicking 'invent new slogan' repeatedly. This will enable you to gain experience, cash, and other perks as you level up. When an exclamation mark appears, click that tab to see what new amenities are available for your player. Your game will save automatically along the way. There are even some downloads available for those who are really addicted to Soccer Simulator Idle Tournament.

Rating: 4.06 (108 votes) 4.06 out of 5
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alexiswag12 (23 December 2016):
Why the frick is my progress not saved!
AdfDf (27 October 2016):
This game is quite fun Happy But quite boring  Sad
alexkerr (11 September 2016):
you have to save it to carry on
sanchez (22 August 2016):
stupid game,not fun at all Sad
alexiswag12 (18 July 2016):
Pretty good, a little dull.
newsong oluwafemi (7 July 2016):
this game is nice
Danyal United (6 July 2016):

level 381
Danyal United (4 July 2016):
soooo goood at it
RYANLH919 (2 July 2016):
Bad game.
It says you can carry on after you go off-line. But then it makes you start again.
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