Football Headz Cup

In Football Headz Cup, have a crack at goal like Julian Brandt. Select your team and then decide whether you'd like to go head-to-head with an opposing player or put two players on the pitch. Move around with the arrow keys and slice the ball with the spacebar. The game is in slow motion, so pay careful attention to the physics at play so you don't jump too early or late. When you've won one match, you'll proceed to the next round of the tournament. Grab as many coins as possible by scoring more goals, even if you think you already have this match in the bag.

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SharkKillerGamerBoy (16 July 2020):

                                                                                           IM NEVER PLAYING THIS GAME
SharkKillerGamerBoy (16 July 2020):
SharkKillerGamerBoy (16 July 2020):
it came out for me a waterpark game
SharkKillerGamerBoy (16 July 2020):
i cant get in a football match
seansean (3 January 2017):
Lucario (18 December 2016):
made it to the semi's but then my game glithed out so i had to restart the tournament
Lucario (16 December 2016):
glitches for me
Lucario (16 December 2016):
good game but hard to win Hmm...  Sad
FaNt TwiisT (8 December 2016):
Lost first match 3 - 6 but its a good game
mojtaba.eslami (28 October 2016):
i beat lionel messi
mojtaba.eslami (28 October 2016):
this is a best game
AdfDf (27 October 2016):
I lost in finals and got 900 coins.
Okay game Hmm...
seansean (10 July 2016):
i love this game but i lose a lot Happy
Pyrolysis (21 June 2016):
cac. wat.
BARBARITA314 (21 June 2016):
Albs_Castle (4 June 2016):
I picked Shake 004 and had it tough first I played TELEPORTO then MEANCHESTER DEVILS then BEARCELLONA. but my final was against UNDERLACHT  Happy
Albs_Castle (4 June 2016):
fun!!! My first round vs FC Porto was INTENSE!!! final score 6-5 and I scored the winner in the 89th minute  Happy  Cool
messi301910 (1 May 2016):
baddd Sad  Sad
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