El Clasico 2015 - 2016

El Clasico is a match consisting of what may be the world's two most passionate football rivals: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. When defending, use your pointer or mouse to position the goalie and click on the spot where you want him to dive to attempt a save. Your defenders might not be very reliable! When planning an attack, keep your clicker around the striker's waist, elevating or lowering it to affect your shot's height. Left click when you're ready to strike like Toni Kroos. He who finishes with the most goals is the winner!

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EL CLASICO 2015 - 2016 - Comments:
MUNEEB (2 July 2016):
hala Madrid
Bingo5656 (21 June 2016):
lost every single game
Qaisrani haris ronaldo (23 May 2016):
4 1 win with real
Qaisrani haris ronaldo (23 May 2016):
Real4 Barca2 Cool
unstopable_waffle (20 May 2016):
Qaisrani haris ronaldo (20 May 2016):
Hala Madrid Wave
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