Football Legends 2016

Use Mr. Zero, a caricature of Arsenal's Petr Cech, or any number of caricatured professionals across various European leagues in Football Legends 2016. The object is no different than most football games. Score the most goals, and you've won. Square off against your opponent by using the up key to jump, the down key to slide, and the left and right arrow keys to shift horizontally across the pitch. To strike at goal in this ping-pong style game, use the Z key for a heavy strike and the X key for your more routine scorcher.

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FOOTBALL LEGENDS 2016 - Comments:
leonelmessi560 (19 May 2019):
EpicGuy2007 (8 August 2016):
game is awesome  Happy (12 June 2016):
perfect Clap hands  Clap hands
jack.scanlon (2 June 2016):
hard mode is so easy  Sad  Sad (31 May 2016):
very good boy Wave  Cool  Cool
newsong oluwafemi (23 May 2016):
soccer manager worlds
ProGamer123 (26 April 2016):
BEST GAME EVER!! Clap hands  Clap hands Happy
beast567 (16 April 2016):
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