England Premier League

Premier League action in all its glory. You can pick your team and play against the best England has to offer. Gameplay like Juve vs Barca, but with 10 teams to choose from and a full 10 team league play. Some strategic elements to think about. If you score with a bicycle kick you get to shoot again. It's a little harder to pull off, but could prove to be crucial in certain situations. On the other hand, if you're ahead better to play it safe and calmly place it into one of the corners.

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SharkKillerGamerBoy (31 July 2020):
swansea was the first Welsh team to play in the pl not cardiff city
SharkKillerGamerBoy (30 July 2020):
whare is everton?
ManchesterMayhem (14 December 2016):
peter@hamza-electric.co.u (23 September 2016):
great  game!!! liverpool won final 1st place 9 wins 0 lose 1 draws.
Saad Asif (30 July 2016):
Cool Game Clap hands
realgreenboy1 (10 July 2016):
won the league by 6 points  Happy  Happy  Happy
FootieCowboy (23 June 2016):
100% record, 9 wins out of 9
rajsg (17 June 2016):
yay!finished 1st ............liverpool 7 wins 1 loss 1 draw
rajsg (17 June 2016):
it will load fast but stops at a moment Sad  Sad
peter@hamza-electric.co.u (14 June 2016):
This game is ridiculously unfair!
Cool  Cool  Cool
peter@hamza-electric.co.u (14 June 2016):
good so awesome!
peter@hamza-electric.co.u (14 June 2016):
great game liverpool 21 wins 2 lose 0 draws
ihateschool4567 (6 June 2016):
I love this game it is very easy and I can always come in the top three. 5 Out of five stars for this epic game Clap hands  Clap hands  Cool
Albs_Castle (4 June 2016):
Dang it sooo hard I had a good run but collapsed the last 2 teams and ended up getting 5th
ernesto (25 May 2016):
newsong oluwafemi (22 May 2016):
if u like this u will love soccer manager worlds
jdancy3911 (22 May 2016):
jdancy3911  Cool
Qaisrani haris ronaldo (20 May 2016):
won 1 l 1d Wave
Somice (19 March 2016):
Gonna trash Manu Cool
Alex Calabrese (16 March 2016):
Cardiff was the first Welsh team in PL, not Swansea
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