Juve vs Barca

The 2015 Champions League final is here, Juventus vs. Barcelona, so pick your team and go for it. Move your player with mouse and do a left click to shoot. Aim left or right by positioning your player on either side of the ball. As for height, you'll get best results if you keep your mouse around your player's knees. Lower than that and it will go high. If you want to shoot lower move mouse above your player's waist.

IMPORTANT gameplay feature: Hold SPACE when shooting and force a bicycle kick. If you score you don't lose a turn and get to shoot again.

Rating: 3.21 (667 votes) 3.21 out of 5
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JUVE VS BARCA - Comments:
Klaze (3 August 2019):
This game is hard but its fun, and the keeper is controlled by the computer I wish we can do it by our selves but its still a good game, can someone help me on getting better.
jack.scanlon (2 June 2016):
My biggest win was Barcelona 16- 1 Juventus with 8 bicycle kicks  Cool  Cool  Cool
Arunmoorthy (21 May 2016):
I win 6-2....I Barcelona
leopard (27 February 2016):
i won the match playing for barca 5-4 Happy  Happy  Wave
BrewskeyJR (21 January 2016):
Lost first game 4-2 as Barca
for first game seems like a lot of fun Clap hands
as (29 December 2015):
lost 1-2
sammyguy (28 December 2015):
lost 1-4 as Barca
stefanthecool (26 December 2015):
good game i won 3-2 as barca Cool  Happy
appuma (17 November 2015):
My biggest win was Barcelona 8- 2 Juventus with 3 bicycle kicks  Happy  Wave
hamid238 (9 November 2015):
this game is great I won by 3-7                                      Cool  Cool  Cool
Aryaan14 (27 October 2015):
all right game
samjess (15 October 2015):
I looove game
Mario (19 September 2015):
Great game  Happy
jack123 (8 August 2015):
Clap hands  amazing
ryanpook (6 August 2015):
Cool  Cool good game
ryanpook (31 July 2015):
this game is good but can only win with barca a few times and hate not using goalkeeper
RKA (23 July 2015):
Rubbish well not Rubbish its that the goalkeeper is controled by the comuter and i bet it is fixed
adaskarol (20 July 2015):
I won 9:6 I was barca
msoura (29 June 2015):
Shaun Portelli (23 June 2015):
I don't like that the keeper is controlled by the computer.  Still it's a good game. Clap hands  Hmm...
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