Champions League

Progress through a series of matches with Champions League game as you take free kicks from just outside the box to come from behind to tie or win matches and move ahead in the tournament. To beat the defenders and the goalkeeper, press any key or button to determine the direction, curve, and degree of lift to your shots. Use real players like Yaya Toure to lead real teams to the championship match. In this game you have a teammate player so if you can spot an opportunity pass to your striker so he can deflect it past the keeper and into the net.

Rating: 4.28 (1609 votes) 4.28 out of 5
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SharkKillerGamerBoy (31 October 2020):
Good Game
Harry Potter (14 October 2019):
Naughty, naughty you'll get caughty  Happy  Happy  Happy

Bad game
Klaze (3 August 2019):
Dope game, I played barca but lost in the Group stage, still playing, its fun but its hard, dope game, but time needs to go a bit slower, and lower big goal amounts. (23 September 2016):
Final: man utd 6-0 celtic  Wave  Wave  Wave
GoGunners2003 (28 August 2016):
noo reached the semis for arsenal first leg i lost 4-0 second leg it was 2-0 barca i had to score 7 goals i scored 6 Sad  Sad
neymar10brazil (26 August 2016):
predator yep i was man u playing  against  barcacut of when i was about to score Sad   Wink  Wave
neymar10brazil (25 August 2016):
semi barca
Qaisrani haris ronaldo (19 July 2016):
Won 2 times with REAL
Wave  Clap hands
YAZEED_11 (24 June 2016):
NICE GAME Clap hands  Clap hands
S.Precious 10 (13 June 2016):
sick game Clap hands  Clap hands
Albs_Castle (4 June 2016):
This game is really hard : (
Ikshit (31 May 2016):
i  won with man city 7 6 arsenal
Ikshit (31 May 2016):
lost in final

sammyguy (5 March 2016):
thumbs up from me Wave  Wave
appuma (8 February 2016):
Final     Barcelona 8 - 6 Man utd
appuma (23 January 2016):
I won with Barcelona 3 times. Wave
GoGunners2003 (13 January 2016):
so the goalie is on the left post and i aim at the right post and the goalkeeper saves it  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
GoGunners2003 (13 January 2016):
predsfan20 ur right
predsfan20 (5 January 2016):
Time needs to go by slower, and more time for bigger margians, not a good game until then.
manurules (31 December 2015):
lost in RO16 Sad  Sad  @
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