Physics Cup - Playoffs

Put your thinking cap on, because Physics Cup - Playoffs is a game for those looking for a mental adventure. Click various elements on the gameplay screen to affect the terrain as you try to roll the ball into the goal and unlock the next level. If you have the strategic thinking of Frank Lampard, perhaps you can cruise your way to the final challenge. Focus on timing too. Timing when you click the various elements interacting with your ball is just as important as selecting the right ones to click. Steer clear of the angry red blocks. They'll send your ball back to the beginning.

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PHYSICS CUP - PLAYOFFS - Comments: (13 August 2016):
@ronaldo6161 this game is good  Cool  Cool (14 March 2016):
Pick your favorite country of the World Cup 2014
Youngflow11 (29 November 2015):
CRAP GAME (7 November 2015):
firsttime ever playing  this
Clap hands
messi301910 (2 November 2015):
BAAD Hmm...   Sad
Bingo5656 (26 October 2015):
the worst Sad  Sad
Tin Ribs United (2 September 2015):
Hi Guys,

I do not recommend playing this game.
It is rubbish and not fun at all.
So go and find some FUN games to play.

Yours Sincerely,

ronaldo6161 (5 May 2015):
I always check the comments 2 see how gud da games is wen I put this game on and realised wot game it was I straight away left it lol.MORAL=always read the comments  HAHA Wink
awesomennes1 (7 April 2015):
i got to level 5 then i couldn't continue
Craggypants (2 April 2015):
ronaldo6161 (26 March 2015):
rubbish remove so no one rages                  LOLZ
Hassan Ibrahim (20 March 2015):
worst game ever Sad
ko_hankinator (16 March 2015):
It was okay, but I don't get it.
nayan_123 (15 March 2015):
worst game I had ever seen Sad  Hmm...
ukluke (13 March 2015):
First, i had to do it.
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