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Do you like All Star Games? Can you beat the best players in shooting from the three point line? This is a great game to try and beat Jordan and friends .You will shoot from the same positions like in All Star game, the controls are easy and simple: press the SPACEBAR to grab a ball, press the SPACEBAR again and try to get the balls in the crosshairs lined up in the center. Only centered ball will make score. Throw all 7 balls from the same position, and then press SPACEBAR to move to the next one. You have 5 different positions and 35 balls.

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NET BLAZER - Comments:
Varza_345 (9 October 2015):
awsome game love Wink
AKBadman (15 April 2014):
RECORD 192837
kailasbnair (10 April 2014):
my record is 55 Happy  Wave  Happy
lionelmessi556 (1 May 2013):
SOFTBALL 33 whats softball? Hmm...
softball33 (29 April 2013):
I love to play basketball and softball Happy  Happy  Happy
softball33 (28 April 2013):
My best score is 20 Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
naavym (6 April 2013):
i love basketball to play
-gooner- (20 March 2013):
my best score 27 Happy
fayaz442 (2 March 2013):
im not that much of a bascetball player Sad
jaquaise10 (18 February 2013):
I HAD GOT 20  Happy  Happy
18jhern1 (2 February 2013):
My score was 18 points  Wave
Damir Madridista (10 January 2013):
my score is a 22
the mexican (10 December 2012):
i thought it was kinda confusing  Sad
kidace (7 December 2012):
my best is 54
hayden1892 (15 November 2012):
My number was 4 and 3 is my girlfriends favroit number Wink
vanpercie10 (6 October 2012):
my record is 17 Clap hands  Wave
wrooney05 (3 October 2012):
never played Cool
sharky12 (23 August 2012):
my record is 40
davidrbp (1 July 2012):
pretty good Happy
Davan10 (1 July 2012):
Bad game Wink
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