FOG Free Kicks

Test your luck or skill, scoring free kicks in the 90th minute with FOG Free Kicks. Click the icons at the bottom of the gameplay screen to determine the amount of power, the direction, and the curve to give your shot (or your pass). Select just the right combination and you'll soon be as famous as Roberto Baggio. See how many goals and assists you can deliver before the clock expires. There is no stoppage time in this match, so waste no time planning something overly clever. Be sure not to lift the ball too high over the defensive wall, or you'll send it sailing into the crowd.
If one day Baggio's Magical Kicks would have sequel, this is how it will look like :-)

Rating: 3.23 (116 votes) 3.23 out of 5
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FOG FREE KICKS - Comments:
messi301910 (7 January 2016):
BAD game  Hmm...   Sad
Youngflow11 (5 December 2015):
Adamstar (15 November 2015):
I am great Cool  Hmm...  Hmm...
Epixkid112 (26 September 2015):
Worst game ever Sad  Sad
RYANLH919 (25 August 2015):
Terrible and so easy to score
predsfan20 (6 June 2015):
This is a rip-off of Baggio's magic freekicks.
Sturridge10 (8 May 2015):
i must admit its the worst game in the world
football123abc (30 March 2015):
cool Cool
Youngflow11 (14 March 2015):
so easy
Hassan Ibrahim (2 March 2015):
worst game in the world Sad
nayan_123 (22 February 2015):
worst game ever Sad  Sad
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