World Cup League

Play with Eden Hazard's Belgium or another international side to win matches in a spectacular come-from-behind fashion in World Cup League. Your opponent, feeling confident enough to protect its lead, will stuff defenders into its own penalty box as you try to hit some free kicks at just the right angle to drop the ball in the corner of the goal. Click anywhere to set the direction, curve, and lift of your shot. Smack the ball between the posts often enough and you'll find yourself moving toward the joys of World Cup glory.

Rating: 3.57 (592 votes) 3.57 out of 5
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SharkKillerGamerBoy (24 July 2020):
i stink alot at this  Sad  Sad
sbuameh89 (29 May 2020):
deadest game ever
Finndogg22 (17 December 2016):
lol love this game
Qaisrani haris ronaldo (19 May 2016):
3 loss 3 wins 1 draw 4th
Liverpool_14 (2 March 2016):
I stink at this..... Sad
Predator (5 February 2016):
I make it 6 wins 1 loss - 1 place.  Cool
Predator (9 January 2016):
3 win 4 draw 4th place.  Happy
Predator (15 December 2015):
my best result 4win, 1 draw and 2 loses second place  Clap hands  Cool  Wave
Predator (1 December 2015):
Now i do my best round:  2 win, 3 draw, 2 loses 4th place score -2 Cool
Predator (30 November 2015):
very hard game
messi301910 (11 November 2015):
hate it Sad  Sad  Hmm...
mohammedalshare (31 October 2015):
Great Game  Clap hands  Clap hands
samjess (1 August 2015):
the worst game  Sad
GoGunners2003 (28 July 2015):
how am i gonna win 5-0 with 30 mins left Sad  Hmm...
gonzalezangel919 (14 July 2015):
hey people
bence (8 July 2015):
halftime 0:5
full time 7:5
J-PKeepermanutd (14 June 2015):
good game  Clap hands
Adamstar (10 May 2015):
I don't uderstand Happy  Sad
Marti (4 May 2015):
ahaha im soo good at this  Happy  Cool   not a bad game
mustafashurkian11 (11 February 2015):
cescfabregas do you want to be friends Wave  Wave  Wave
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