Field Goal Champ

Knocking the ball between the uprights is the name of the game in Field Goal Champ. Use you mouse to adjust the direction and angle of your kick, paying close attention to the arrow indicating the direction and strength of the wind. Click the left mouse button when you're ready. Defending players also present an obstacle to your success. Try to kick when they are crouching low to avoid your kick being blocked. Meanwhile, if you see any floating rings passing by, try to boot the pigskin through one of them on its way to the goal posts for some extra points.

Rating: 3.49 (47 votes) 3.49 out of 5
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darc12 (28 November 2015):
Sad rubbish
RONALDOIZBEST (28 June 2015):
it is too hard
ForestMaster (30 March 2015):
It isn't rugby it's football
ko_hankinator (22 March 2015):
Good game! Wink
Youngflow11 (18 March 2015):
r uh yeah
Youngflow11 (18 March 2015):
im not a fan of rugby
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