HeadSmashing World Cup

If you've ever wanted to physically annihilate Lionel Messi or Franck Ribery with a wrench, HeadSmashing World Cup is the place to be. Tired of Christiano Ronaldo's egotistical and expensive haircuts? Now you can pound them into his skull with the simple tap of a down arrow! Be careful not to harm the referee in the process, as you will lose points for doing so. This simple one-button game is a good pick-me-up for a rainy day. Weapons of choice range from gavels to screwdrivers. Grab the one you want and begin the onslaught against your most hated offensive villain.

Rating: 3.71 (48 votes) 3.71 out of 5
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badmangamer (23 April 2015):
what is the point in this game Hmm...
ronaldo6161 (16 February 2015):
sooo boring
ronaldo6161 (16 February 2015):
i always lok at da coments b4 a game
victor valdes 112 (27 January 2015):
love it LOL
cudiach (22 January 2015):
I won 82 to -72
usman-neymar10 (10 January 2015):
Goofy game
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