Avalanche Stunts

Press the up arrow to jump, the down arrow to duck, and the left and right arrows to tilt your snowboarder in Avalanche Stunts. Keep your left hand on "X" and "C" to perform grab tricks. Hold them longer for a better score. You'll be flying high like Shaun White as you launch yourself down the mountain, collecting coins along to way. Don't perform any grab tricks when you're close to the ground, or you'll be rolling head over heels to your own demise. This graphically-intense challenge will get your blood running - even in this kind of weather!

Rating: 3.83 (53 votes) 3.83 out of 5
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MLG HEADSHOT (19 April 2017):
really cool  Wave  Wave  Cool
shashank (27 February 2015):
very nice best game but there is problem in language
RYANLH919 (14 February 2015):
Would be better if it was in english
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