Looney Tunes Active Soccer

Looney Tunes Active Soccer brings our favorite cartoon characters to the pitch for full-field action. Your keyboard's directional arrows will help you navigate the terrain. Use "Z" to pass and pressure, "X" to shoot or slide tackle, and "C" to sprint like lightning. Enjoy the Looney music and the scenic cacti during gameplay, but remember, you have Tweety Bird in the goal. She's not exactly as tall as the towering Petr Cech, so don't get too distracted. Perform well in one match, and you just might unlock another pitch for the next.

Rating: 3.70 (79 votes) 3.70 out of 5
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mo760 (10 October 2015):
too easy Cool   Happy
rizwan.parambil1234 (29 January 2015):
fcxc jr (18 January 2015):
not bad not good Cool  Wave
kajus525 (17 January 2015):
This game is too  easy i won 5-0
TjLutete (10 January 2015):
my game was realistic. I won 2-1 Clap hands

heath (9 January 2015):
superdude101 (5 January 2015):
hi i'm new here Happy  Wave
Kamran (4 January 2015):
I won 5-2 I love this game in space and I completed all of them Cool  Cool  Cool
Bingo5656 (29 December 2014):
i won 8-5 love this games  Cool
beetofordiamonds5 (23 December 2014):
such a bad game Sad
IMLG Pro gamerz (22 December 2014):
this keeper is crap bad game Sad
melven$$$$$$$ (22 December 2014):
this game is coomplete nonsense Sad  Sad  Sad
Jason545 (21 December 2014):
cool lost once but finished the game Cool  Sad  Happy
Ayko Kevorkian (20 December 2014):
I finished the game Cool  Cool  Cool
EvertonRocks123 (20 December 2014):
they use peter cech as an example, why! Sad  Sad  Sad
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