Rugby Challenge

Time to man up and face the demands of Rugby Challenge. It's near the end of the game and you are in trouble. You need a try and a conversion to win the match and it's the final live phase of the game. You begin with a scrum that you cannot afford to lose. Contest for it by rapidly hitting the left and right arrow keys. Once you win the ball use the arrow keys to direct your player and use the Z key to pass to a team mate. The pressure is really on, can you rise to the rugby challenge?

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mojtaba.eslami (28 October 2016):
i won
DoctorDab (6 October 2016):
They say when it is time out it is time out but in real rugby it is only time out until you score or the ball goes out of bounds. It is impossible  ; Hmm...
messi1001 (9 September 2016):
Cool good
ftrinder (22 December 2014):
Very hard and good game Happy
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