Balling will have you laughing out loud as you topple your player head over heels to knock the ball into your opponent's net using the arrow keys. This lo-fi football challenge requires you to jump to get where you want to go. Be careful, though. If you're as ambitious about headers as Radamel Falcao, you could land your player in the back of one of the nets, subtracting a point from your total goal tally. Balling is a great football game for gamers looking for a little bit of mindless fun!

Rating: 4.08 (79 votes) 4.08 out of 5
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BALLING - Comments:
coolboomy (29 November 2016):
Weird  Wave  Wave
adaskarol (28 October 2015):
Cool  Cool
adaskarol (20 July 2015):
OMG  Sad
bence (30 June 2015):
bence (4 June 2015):
i won -3:5
bence (4 June 2015):
lolll fun Happy  Happy
Yaffakakez (24 January 2015):
This game is just so weird  Wave
21 (24 January 2015):
i can shag people on it Cool  Cool  Cool
bobcus2112 (23 January 2015):
lol cant control the guy
bobcus2112 (23 January 2015):
this game is BS Happy
21 (23 January 2015):
it is sooo rubish @  @  @
rush14678 (23 January 2015):
goodgame but boring Happy
RYANLH919 (2 January 2015):
Alright game but should have a time limit
Tin Ribs United (31 December 2014):
Good game but boring.
Inter44 (24 December 2014):
lllooollll this game haha  Happy
superrenz (23 December 2014):
how i score Hmm...
usman-neymar10 (23 December 2014):
Hassan is my Friend in NelsonMandela school! Anyway Great game!
Singed Usman Wink
Hassan Ibrahim (21 December 2014):
this game is not bad but boring Sad
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