Soccer Balls 2

In Soccer Balls 2, both your strategic thinking and your passing accuracy will be tested. Pass the ball as effectively as Andrea Pirlo by clicking with your mouse to conquer each level. Knock the officials out of your way with soccer balls, and crumble the sand blocks with beach balls. Make sure you are thoughtfully placing every pass at just the right angle, or your ball might bounce back where you don't want it. Although scoring a goal in Soccer Balls 2 is required to clear a level, you'll want to collect as much gold as possible along the way. This fun game will keep you engaged for hours.

Rating: 3.84 (151 votes) 3.84 out of 5
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SOCCER BALLS 2 - Comments:
beast567 (18 August 2015):
very good i used ronaldo chop Wave
rotem (26 December 2014):
i like this game
dzeko10 (23 December 2014):
IMLG Pro gamerz (21 December 2014):
pharrell800 (22 November 2014):
verrrry goood
wilkm117 (16 November 2014):
Soccer heads 2 Cool
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