You will love this great shooting game. You need to beat the clock and score the minimum points in 60 sec or you’re going to lose .When you pass the first level the next one is harder because the goal is moving. Use the mouse to get the ball and slice it to throw the ball into the basket. Very easy and funny game.

Rating: 3.52 (162 votes) 3.52 out of 5
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QUIKSHOT - Comments:
futurebasketballplayer (31 August 2015):
Weak game
mata8 (3 November 2014):
epic game
epic123 (14 April 2013):
epic game Cool
finnlol333 (12 April 2013):
really bad game. horrible
cesi2143 (18 November 2012):
Hate it so stupid I can't believe other  
people like it. Sad  Sad  Sad
mbalint (16 September 2012):
I don't know I think I've played better basketball games than this one.
abziscool264 (2 September 2012):
i dont like this game its to hard Sad
sur 13 (23 August 2012):
Cool  its cool

mustic$ (20 July 2012):
Davan10 (26 May 2012):
its easy but stupid Wink
Davan10 (26 May 2012):
Round 3 is too hard
PYG Killa Ki Boombang!$$$ (19 February 2012):
Flippin stupid :@
miniens89 (19 January 2012):
wow round 2 is hard
--Mr_BeAn-- (29 December 2011):
thumbs down men Sad
joshuacampbell2000@hotmai (19 December 2011):
this game is easy like
papapetros (23 May 2011):
easy,stupid!  Hmm...
taylorgreen49 (18 May 2011):
this game is arsome you should play it
superdude23 (21 March 2011):
this game is very wack Wink
matthewstar (11 February 2011):
hard dudes Hmm...
rowland (5 January 2011):
play with me w,rooney
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