Axis Football League 2014

Select one of 32 teams in Axis Football League 2014, a full-field football adventure. An intricate and detailed game, you'll need to use the arrows to move players, the spacebar to sprint, and the left mouse button to pick your player and make passes. Smash the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage like Michael Strahan. Lob a pass deep to meet your receiver in the end zone, just like the legendary Brett Favre. With so many high-powered hits, Axis Football League 2014 won't get old. See how many touchdowns you can score in a single game.

Rating: 3.86 (248 votes) 3.86 out of 5
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alexiswag12 (30 November 2015):
Go Messi, go Lewandowski, go Neymar. Arsenal FC best in Epl Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
coolman55 (21 February 2015):
I can't even play
thegreat17890 (11 January 2015):
win every time really easy IM THE BOSS
podolski859 (11 January 2015):
best American football game ever New York HULKS RULE!! Happy  Happy
kd 35 (7 January 2015):
was sup
kd 35 (6 January 2015):
guys who wants to play Happy
kd 35 (5 January 2015):
kd 35 (5 January 2015):
who wants to play the master though  Hmm...
kd 35 (5 January 2015):
ya pretty cool Happy  Happy
Goonerforever49 (17 December 2014):
Clap hands chicken
Rohit Raj (5 December 2014):
My unity web player is working. good game
thegreat17890 (11 November 2014):
too good Wave  Wave
thegreat17890 (9 November 2014):
amazing game so fun
58neymarsocks (8 November 2014):
TyEifert85 (7 November 2014):
my unity web isn't working
ikenna110 (6 November 2014):
my thing isnt workinng
football (6 November 2014):
Why isn't working? or you don't have it?
You can download UNITY WEB PLAYER at this address:
lewandoski (6 November 2014):
innit same here
Lionel10M (4 November 2014):
Sad  My unity web player isn't working!  Sad
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