Pro Football

There's no time for amateurs in Pro Football. This running based gridiron game gives you four chances to run to the endzone and make that touchdown. Just use the arrow keys to control your runner and keep an eye on your special Dodge Meter. When it's full press Z to make a move of the defence and open up your path to glory. You can collect speed and ball bonuses along the way to rack up the points and challenge the top of the leaderboard. It's easy and fun so turn pro and get the job done.

Rating: 3.79 (81 votes) 3.79 out of 5
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PRO FOOTBALL - Comments:
solita (17 June 2016):
hahahaha whatever you say Clap hands
torres877 (10 August 2015):
im the best Clap hands
fcxc jr (11 December 2014):
i am better than all of you Wave  Wink  Happy
torres877 (16 November 2014):
hey im better than you
mo760 (13 November 2014):
bad boy game  Cool  Cool  Wave
usman-neymar10 (27 October 2014):
Oi!Mohammeds iam better than you at foootballl Wave
Mohammeds (24 October 2014):
good game
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