Ultimate Mega Hoops

Try this 10 levels shooting game and enjoy. The object of the game is to get the ball into the net as many times as you can. After you score the first time the basket is starting to move left and right. As you pass the levels the basket is moving faster.Use the mouse to shoot by simply clicking the ball and shooting the net .Try to pass all 10 levels.

Rating: 3.55 (580 votes) 3.55 out of 5
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Fayaz (5 August 2016):
play 8 ball pool
DSTAR23 (19 December 2015):
lets go
futurebasketballplayer (31 August 2015):
badmangamer (27 April 2015):
done so well
stanley13 (16 May 2014):
try to beat me
G-Money2 (18 March 2014):
So so cool
usama77 (25 January 2014):
high five to da game  Clap hands  Clap hands
Kevin.Bryon (8 March 2013):
This game is soo EPIC!  Happy
ari1667 (25 February 2013):
this game is challenging Happy  Happy  Clap hands
kilmar (23 February 2013):
Wave  Wink
ryback (24 January 2013):
hi i like this game
hellofbandz (21 January 2013):
this game raw as hell Happy
bobi07 (7 January 2013):
what hell Hmm...
killa (25 December 2012):
that game is soooo simple  Hmm...
Suarez10699 (8 December 2012):
5538 good score lIVERPOOL !!!
knathansabine (6 December 2012):
I love it Clap hands  Clap hands
HTfox (23 November 2012):
Level 7 is rearly hard but very good for th rest Wave  Cool  Happy
VanPersie455 (23 August 2012):
it's terrible
why there's jame's harden's gradma there
it hasn't got any sens
bunty12 (12 August 2012):
the game is good but  6,7,8,9,10 are very hard
abdou (21 July 2012):
this game is epic Happy
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