Penalty Fever 3D - Italian Cup

Penalty Fever 3D Italian Cup is a penalty football game like the Penalty Fever 3D World Cup but in this one it's all about the Italian Cup, so pick your favorite Italian team and try to make it to the trophy.

To Shoot: One mouse click, when the mouse button is DOWN it determines where your player 'intends' to shoot and when mouse button is UP it determines the final direction of the ball.

To Defend: Just click where the red marker appear.

Rating: 3.57 (178 votes) 3.57 out of 5
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SharkKillerGamerBoy (24 July 2020):
Bingo5656 (29 December 2014):
Hate it Hmm...  Sad
satyakimitra (28 December 2014):
best game Cool
pele76 (18 October 2014):
sik game Happy
Mohammeds (18 October 2014):
good game
akku kutty mon (11 October 2014):
Happy good game
Ronaldofan2001 (7 October 2014):
This game is so cool! It's easy but sooo fun!  Happy  Cool
sourrab (7 October 2014):
so slow loading man Sad
waiel (5 October 2014):
waiel you how made these games you are so cool
Blackout (4 October 2014):
Won with Sassuolo twice
MaD tAlIbAn MaN Germanwip (4 October 2014):
This game is fing slow Cool
ghost2003 (3 October 2014):
bad game  Sad
olivia (30 September 2014):
eassy but soooo gooood  Cool  Happy
DBoy (29 September 2014):
cool game
GERRARD12345678910 (28 September 2014):
up and downs Hmm...  @
ARamsey (26 September 2014):
horrible game.. laggy, you cant save anything and you can't control where you want to shoot   Sad  Hmm...
leohotshot8 (26 September 2014):
beastly game!!! Wave  Wave  Cool
kekomy (26 September 2014):
Sad  bad game
GS (25 September 2014):
worst game ever
MexicanSoccerFan29 (24 September 2014):
best game in the world Happy
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