Number 1

Number 1 is a unique goalkeeper RPG where you you take a role of talented youngster from a small club who wants to leave his mark on international football. If you are serious about your carer it is advisable to take some additional training to improve your skills and sharpen your reflexes.

Rating: 4.24 (1556 votes) 4.24 out of 5
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NUMBER 1 - Comments:
9fred (30 March 2017):
Season 2 with Chelsea FC 100 star rating
gautamdonuppal (23 March 2017):
I was on season 5, then game data was lost.
FamedQuotient74 (13 February 2017):
epicness in da house!! Cool  Cool  Cool
sabir250 (2 February 2017):
i am on season 1 and 100 star rating
sabir250 (25 January 2017):
i enjoy this game i was 100 rated season ten  then started agian
sabir250 (25 January 2017):
gg (13 January 2017):
my raiting was 100 i went to man utd , liverpool and spurs. Awesome!! @ (9 January 2017):
this game is awesome duty. Better then dkicker much much bettter then dkicker! Wave  Happy (28 December 2016):
this is so bad
not great worse then dkicker
oumar10 (26 December 2016):
great game
oumar10 (26 December 2016):
i am playing for something... (15 December 2016):
i was juventus i saved 200 but my raiting was 32.
Kurt_Schneider343 (11 December 2016):
Sad  Sad  Sad pretty hard but I did it Cool
ramedzro (20 November 2016):
awesome i went to arsenal spurs and real madrid Clap hands  Happy  @
oumar10 (27 October 2016):
i love this game
QUANTAE (12 October 2016):
joined manutd!!
RealFan (3 October 2016):
cool  Cool (28 September 2016):
Great game! Clap hands Clap hands
Liverpool_14 (27 September 2016):
On my 11th season Clap hands
Liverpool_14 (25 September 2016):
ON season ten with a star rating of 100 Happy  Cool  Cool
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