World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014 it's actually a new incarnation of the very popular football game 'South Africa 2010' updated with new national teams that will take part in the upcoming world cup.

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WORLD CUP 2014 - Comments:
predsfan20 (11 June 2015):
Too Easy............. Sad
SUAREZ950 (25 August 2014):
Netherlands 3-2 finals
jjfthebro (24 August 2014):
only missed 5 times in 52 mathes come on it is to easy but i love it
jjfthebro (24 August 2014):
hey awesome game
yayya7 (24 August 2014):
love the opening song
yayya7 (24 August 2014):
lost in the semi  Hmm...
SUAREZ950 (22 August 2014):
i beat Argentina in the final itook three shots and won 3-2
carlito23 (21 August 2014):
4'th italy with me
3'rd japan
2'nd iran
1's germany
carlito23 (21 August 2014):
i love the opening song
AmaariJJ1902 (20 August 2014):
Sad this game is sooo boring. the graphics could be MUCH MUCH better Sad
jjfthebro (20 August 2014):
in almost every game portugal is bad
jjfthebro (20 August 2014):
aaawweessoommee game right
jjfthebro (19 August 2014):
best game isn't it
jjfthebro (19 August 2014):
this sounds wierd but i am bosnia i won all three games in the group stage i beat ecuador in th round of 16 beat belgium in the quarter- finals beat england in the semi -finals beat korea republic in finals awesome   Happy  Clap hands
jjfthebro (19 August 2014):
came 2nd with brazil
jjfthebro (19 August 2014):
this is my favorite game in the playoffs i beat camaroon then mexico i beat brazil then for the final ibeat france
footballlover2 (19 August 2014):
came 4th with England
World Champions:Belgium Clap hands
carlito23 (18 August 2014):
came 4'th
Clap hands
Rohit Raj (13 August 2014):
Argentina 4th Place, draw in semifinal and final. Amazing game Happy
youngbons (13 August 2014):
good world cup game
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