Neymar Can Play

The Brazil forward Neymar picked up the injury in the La Liga game but he still want to train and be prepared for the world cup. For that he will need your help so use LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to move Neymar and Press #1 to kick the ball, Press #2 key to head, Press #3 to try a bicycle kick.

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diogomsafonso (29 November 2016):
very hard and cool game  Wink
harrison02 (10 May 2016):
haha yassin amr funny
Alex Calabrese (16 March 2016):
He is like me: Bossing Football on Crutches.
Dwayne the rock souza (27 October 2015):
very hard Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
rooney21 (29 October 2014):
i agree with amaarijj1902,should be two
gabriel101003 (17 September 2014):
I scored 20000  Happy  Happy  Happy
jjfthebro (25 August 2014):
you are right amaarijj1902
AmaariJJ1902 (20 August 2014):
The goalkeeper is well good Wave
AmaariJJ1902 (20 August 2014):
Rather than just 1 minute I think it should be 2. Add a comment if u agree with me please Wink
AmaariJJ1902 (20 August 2014):
Clap hands i LUV this game. can play 24/7 Happy  Happy
jking (14 August 2014):
worst game ever
blertaa. (11 August 2014):
its nice game and i am hapy :P  Clap hands
Aryaan14 (9 August 2014):
lackadaisicalthunderxd dont show of ur score. some people find it offensive people like ME
kieron the captain (7 August 2014):
My first game I got 500 points Sad
saphirslimani04 (2 June 2014):
900 now Happy
saphirslimani04 (31 May 2014):
my best is 800. pretty hard to score all shots though Wink
zZ JOSH YO Zz (29 May 2014):
good game score 1200
AlexioFirth (28 May 2014):
#cos I'm Happy Wave  Happy
roccored (26 May 2014):
easy peasy lemon squeasy
Clap hands  Cool  Happy
cdl20 (25 May 2014):
epic game the bicycle kick is epic!!!  Cool  Clap hands
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