World Cup 2014 PK

Hurrah for the World Cup 2014 PK, a penalty kick football game for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. The question that arise is: Have you got what it takes to beat the best and lift the most famous trophy in football?

To Shoot: 3 mouse clicks OR 3 times press any key

To Defend: Click where you want your keeper to jump OR Press
- key #1 to jump left
- key #2 to dive left
- key #3 to jump right
- key #4 to dive right

We have found that it's much more interesting/easy to play if you use your keyboard in this game.

Rating: 3.72 (565 votes) 3.72 out of 5
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WORLD CUP 2014 PK - Comments:
Bingo5656 (29 December 2014):
Argentina 3-3 Cameroon
Argentina 2- 3 Japan
Argentina 1-4  France     stupid game
Versace (11 June 2014):
messi all day
astonvilla151 (10 June 2014):
BAD BAD BAD Cool  Sad  Sad
bcacer5072 (3 June 2014):
soo cool Wave
sba2418 (30 May 2014):
love this game
Cristiano da Silva Neymar (27 May 2014):
awesome game, but WHY IS RIVALDO STILL THERE?? thats what makes it awesome... Brasilia!!! Happy  Clap hands
yelram2005 (27 May 2014):
Hmm...  :think
impossible game:
garyfoy4 (3 May 2014):
great game great game i won with uraguay Clap hands
Finalgorts333 (22 April 2014):
I go with italy

and i elliminated by Germany
Italy-Germany 3-4 Sad
kevinkev (18 April 2014):
kkkk nice game Clap hands  Clap hands
Live.alastair4447888 (14 April 2014):
I love this game but I want a better game
yubhuser (13 April 2014):
spain 3-2 sweden juppie
spain 2-3 denmark buuu
spain 1-1 france buuu
iLoveFootballO7 (12 April 2014):
im the beast in this game Cool
sean christopher (11 April 2014):
i lost the game and that was so hard Hmm...   Sad
chelseajames123 (10 April 2014):
good game
thinkingofyou4 (6 April 2014):
hi everyone

egg8874 (5 April 2014):
i won the world cup haha in your face Happy
rooney21 (5 April 2014):
I agree with egg8874 it is quite hard
rooney21 (5 April 2014):
good game Wink
egg8874 (5 April 2014):
quite hard Hmm...
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