Crazy Hoopz

This is a great shooting game from the free throw line .You need to score and get the ball in all baskets on the screen. Donít worry about the time and tries are unlimited. Use the mouse to set the arrow in front the hoops you want to shoot at, then left click on the mouse to aim the ball, and when you click the power-meter will fill the shooting arrow, release the click and you get the shoot .You need to get the ball into the 3 moving baskets to finish the stage. Good luck.

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CRAZY HOOPZ - Comments:
badmangamer (13 May 2015):
what the bloddy point in this games Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
mintu98 (6 November 2012):
this game is super duper boring dont play it not by mistake also  Sad
jhoncena fan21 (15 October 2012):
this game is good but you can not play it ever day little boy
peeweeog (1 October 2012):
love it Cool  Cool   Happy
tmatthieujr#7 (21 September 2012):
nice boy (9 September 2012):
Cool  Wave  the game is ok.. @
man u r leg (21 August 2012):
its ok but not the best think  Hmm...
vipper2468 (17 July 2012):
ight game
--liverpool-- (6 June 2012):
awsome game
margy7 (27 May 2012):
i love spiros
darrell_cr7 (12 May 2012):
cool game !!  Happy  Clap hands
saurav (8 February 2012):
good Clap hands
Diogo123 (1 January 2012):
this game is ok its not the best game ive played but its ok  Hmm...
JUWONS (10 December 2011):
ugly (6 February 2011):
a liitle good  Hmm...
Gearaid (5 February 2011):
its stupid  Sad  Sad  Sad
lokk30 (15 January 2011):
kingtuut09 (23 November 2010):
this is so cool Clap hands  Hmm...  Clap hands
mckenzie12345 (18 November 2010):
its so stupid boring and crap
rprajwal918 (16 October 2010):
rubish game  Sad
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