World Rugby 2011

You are in the biggest tournament of all in the hard hitting World Rugby 2011. You can warm up with a quick match before putting yourself up against the big boys in the main event. Left and Right arrows move your player around while Z jumps through any tackle and X passes to a team mate. You have 3 minutes to score as many tries as you can, dodge the defenders and pass before your stamina runs out or it will be time to make the journey home.

Rating: 3.51 (61 votes) 3.51 out of 5
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WORLD RUGBY 2011 - Comments:
Jason545 (8 November 2014):
cool graphic
chooty (4 August 2014):
pretty good  Cool
mo760 (27 April 2014):
great and easy game  Cool  Cool  Wave
ninosnitsakiss (22 March 2014):
you want the above shockwave to play it Hmm...  Sad
owenbuck)(ripsirtomfinney (11 March 2014):
its okay and my name is owen buck xxxx
Gofootballforever (9 March 2014):
good game Cool
Lionel10M (7 March 2014):
pretty good

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